Can Online Dating Lead to Happily Ever After?

Online Dating

How do you know if someone you met online is into you or not? You’ve read their profile, viewed their photos or videos and think this person could be the one for you. We do have some answers that can help you recognize when you’ve struck relationship gold. Read on and find out.


If the person you’re communicating with does a now-you-see-me-now-you-don’t act, also known as ghosting, it’s a sign they’re not interested in pursuing a serious relationship. They may show up again with no apology and act as if nothing happened. They may have been flitting from flower to flower, unwilling to commit to the development of an online relationship. Don’t waste time, yours or theirs. Just say you’ve moved on and wish them luck.

However, if you’re speaking with someone, who regularly and frequently communicates with you, you may be the only person they’re interested in. This means they’re also serious about getting into a relationship and haven’t let anything else in their life distract from the quest for love.

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You Sync Up

Both of you are allowing the natural flow of the new relationship to sweep you along. Going with the flow means there’s a good chance you’ll both feel it’s time to meet in real life at the same moment. If you sync with each other on this, you’ll also sync up in other ways.

It’s the Little Things That Matter

You find yourself sharing little details of your daily life. Maybe a funny incident happened on transit, or perhaps a conversation occurred with an eccentric character at the bank. Your online friend likes to share their quirky stories too. You each look forward to reading each other’s emails, view their images or videos and share the odd and sometimes surprising small events that can make an ordinary day a little less ordinary.

Timing is Everything

When it comes to time out between serious relationships; if you’re both on the same page this is an indicator of like-mindedness, important for compatibility.

Do you both agree that some “me time” between relationships is necessary? If your online friend says they are satisfied with their career, happy with their social life and pursuit of passions, they’re signaling they aren’t dependent on others for their happiness.

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The Lighter Side of Life

We all have some family secrets that have taken us through some dark days. But if you both can joke about serious matters it lights up the darkness and puts things in perspective. You want to be with someone who looks at the glass as half-full, not half-empty. You don’t want to be with someone who thinks the world is going to wrack and ruin.  Is your online friend positive and upbeat despite life’s slings and arrows?

Howdy Partner

Partnerships mean different things to different people. How do you and your new friend view a partnership? In much the same way? Do you both want similar involvement in each other’s lives? If you mostly agree on this there could be smooth sailing ahead for your partnership.

The Numbers Game

How many people have each of you met online in the prior three months? If you’ve both met the exact number of people, (other than some ridiculous number like two dozen) you’re both looking for quality partners, not loosey-goosey hookups.

How about shared information about yourselves? Do you both feel you need adequate and specific types of information before you decide to meet someone in real life? Qualities of prudence and circumspection you both share will bear out in other areas of your lives.

Personal Idiosyncrasies

When you can let down your guard and tell your friend about minor character flaws and don’t feel judged, you know you’re being accepted for yourself. Acceptance is major in creating a strong and lasting bond between you both as you solidify your relationship.

Saying Bye-Bye to Online Dating

Your relationship is going great guns and you’re both no longer interested in other dating profiles. You may not tell each other you’ve shut down your account.  But eventually, the subject will come up. And what do you know? You both have chosen the same fork in the road to commitment.

How You Met Becomes Inconsequential

To say to friends, ‘we met online’ when they ask ‘how did you two get together?’ will feel odd. The fact you two were meant for each other no matter where or how you met testifies to the realness of your partnership.

Do you believe you can find love online?  And have you any anecdotes to share about people you know who’ve found it for themselves?

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