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This is your time to shine!

Create a compelling 30 second video and let your personality shine! While you're at it, browse other video profiles and connect with the ones you like.


make the connection

A great relationship is a big plus!

Press the plus button to send the first message. If they plus you back, you've made a connection!


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video messaging

Say hello to the people you like!

Send a personal video message to your connections so they can get to know you faster.  




video chat

Meet before you meet!

When the timing is right, you can hop on a live video chat with your favorite connection. It's the closest thing to meeting in real life.


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set search preferences

Find the perfect fit for you!

Know exactly what you're looking for on your next date? Set your search preferences for a specific set of interests, hobbies or body type. (In-app purchase)


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Bring on the awesome connections!

Save time searching for your perfect match by viewing all incoming connections. (In-app purchase)  


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See where love can take you!