How to Find Love: Which is Better? Traditional or Online Dating?


The dating game is not what it used to be. Once the 1990s arrived a significant shift occurred from traditional to online dating. Technology has always met the needs of the ever-increasing pace of modern life. Today, where would we be without smart-phones to help transact daily activities in order to save time within our busy schedules? In singles' dating lives this is no less true, the reason online dating has become increasingly popular.

Online dating has become so popular studies report one in five relationships begin online. Busy singles are looking for romantic partners and what better, efficient, and time-saving way than to date online? But there is a question singles ask: which is better traditional or online dating? The answer is it's not an either/or proposition. Both dating methods have advantages and disadvantages. In this blog, we discuss what those are.

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Traditional Dating Advantages

With traditional dating, you know what you're getting upfront. You meet in real life, see their physical appearance, and experience their personality and social skills.

In-Common Friends

Often when people meet in real life it's through friends. They already have friends-in-common so they're not starting with a blank slate. This makes the getting-to-know process easier and more natural.

Is There a Spark?

In traditional dating, you'll pretty much intuit if there's chemistry between you and your date. Even if you don't gel immediately, being willing to go on a second or third date says you may need a little more time for those sparks to start igniting!

There's no possibility to see if you spark with someone online. A lot of buildup happens before you meet face-to-face. You can gather certain things about a potential match through their profile, messaging, and photos, but won't know if there is chemistry or the possibility of it until you meet in real life.

Social Setting

With online dating, there's no social scene in which to mix and mingle, just a computer or smartphone. But in traditional dating, you contact others in social settings. A wink, a heart, or any other tech come-on may not suffice as social interaction for some.

Traditional Dating Disadvantages

Initial Impressions

In traditional dating appearance plays a prominent role, sometimes interfering with considerations like personal characteristics, compatibility, shared interests, or relationship wants and needs. A great-looking girl or guy may turn out to be intellectually vapid or money-hungry, easy to overlook when you're focusing on physicality.

Fewer Choices

Geographically-speaking you're limited to the area you live in when searching for a love connection. And if you’re not part of a social scene, there are limited opportunities to meet new people.

Putting in Time

In traditional dating the only way you can get to know someone is by dating them. Only then do you realize their interests and lifestyle don’t square with yours. In online dating parsing a potential match's profile gives you more information in one read than several dates in real life does.

Time Constraints

In order to meet someone in traditional dating, you must spend copious amounts of time socializing. This means attending singles events or dropping by for happy hour after work. This never-ending socializing cuts into your workday evenings at home and limits leisure time to pursue interests on the weekend.

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Online Dating Advantages

Success Rate

Singles have flocked to online dating in excess of 50 million users. This has resulted in a one-in-five success rate that a relationship began online. Singles have found online dating to be a productive and convenient way to find a romantic partner. The around-the-clock accessibility gives flexibility in arranging one's busy life to easily accommodate online dating.

Matchmaking Tools and Convenience

Online dating tools help one find compatible matches through comprehensive profiles, the latest search algorithms, and tips for maximizing the search process. Online dating has scalability. One can be as precise or more open in finding an appropriate match. There's also the ease of accessing online dating from the comfort of your home or on-the-go.

Online Dating Disadvantages

Cost Factor

Although online dating in many cases lures you in with free signup, if you want to increase your odds of finding love, you must pay for a subscription. This allows you to use the full functionality of the dating app albeit at some financial cost.


The anonymous nature of online dating permits people to misrepresent themselves. They may alter their photos, lie on their profiles, and in general invent a persona not true to who they are. Singles must be careful to not give these fraudsters a foot in the digital door.

Crowd Factor

Sometimes the popularity of online dating can be too much of a good thing. Viewing so many profiles is tiring and finding someone who returns your interest daunting.


Singles can have unrealistic expectations with online dating. They believe their rigid requirements will lead to an ideal love connection. Proceeding this way, they miss opportunities to find a compatible match, who may not meet the nice-to-haves but certainly fills the bill for the must-haves.

Video Dating

Online dating apps are becoming increasingly segmented. You have not only the traditional dating apps but a new subspecies, video dating, which is clamoring to be recognized in its own right. Many of the most popular online dating services are starting to incorporate video features as they see the trend towards video taxi-ing on the runway ready to take-off. Singles are on the cusp of asking: is video dating better than traditional online dating? We provide answers with some of the advantages and disadvantages of online video dating.


Increase in Dating Opportunities

A frequent problem with dating apps which use static photos and text messaging is what-you-see-and-read isn’t always what you get. Good texting skills (read writing skills) and a trumped-up photo don’t translate into necessarily an attractive and interesting person who can hold a conversation.

The Real You

Video profiles provide a glimpse of the actual you. There’s no way to judge how you really look, and no way to conceal if you’ve got a dull-as-dishwater personality. Body language, vocal intonations, an ability to engage with users will come across for them to assess more accurately.

Story Telling

How do we learn about people? Through story-telling. Our lives are made up of stories about our everyday lives and also life-changing events. With video profiles, it allows a user to tell a story using their curated photos as a way of revealing more of who they are.


The latest buzz on video dating is the inclusion of a networking feature. This is a chance to present yourself in a networking situation through video. A job opportunity could come your way. And meeting other like-minded, career-driven professionals opens new horizons, only possible on a video dating platform.


What’s Your Focus?

Is it on having fun and flirting?  Or a more serious intent like establishing a long-term relationship? Some dating apps try to be all things to all people. They lure users who are interested in keeping connections light over offering a platform for users who want more in-depth connections. This leads to a lot of frustration for mature men and women. Women don’t want to hear they’ve got a hot bod repeatedly, and men don’t want to be passed over because they don’t look and act like a bad boy.

No Foreplay

Some dating apps want to rush their users and have them jump headlong into a video chat before they’re barely acquainted with a potential match. Women don’t like to be rushed or hit on before they’ve had a chance to vet a potential match. And men feel pressured to impress a woman, whom they haven’t established a viable connection with. They could come off like aggressive jerks instead of the nice guys they are.

A Stage Act

The story-telling aspect of video profiles can become in some users’ hands more of a vehicle for showing off rather than connecting with a potential match.  Again, frustration sets in for some users, who want to know about the person, not that they’re a master thespian.

What's your own opinion about online dating versus traditional dating? Have you tried one or both? Share your experience with us.

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