How to Make a Good Impression When Talking on Dating Apps

Talking Online

Okay, the first message has winged its way to your match and they’ve responded in kind. Now it’s on! But where do you go next, how do you get to know them, and build a connection that brings you closer while having some fun too?

So, start by asking questions. If your match is already on a roll talking about themselves, listen attentively and you’ll learn a lot. Ask questions as they occur to you. Put some thought into what you’d like to know about this person, like stockpiling ammo (cupid’s arrows in this case!). That will start to win the interest and eventually the heart of your match.

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The Psychology of Online Dating Profiles and How to Improve Yours

Is there a magic formula to succeed in online dating? Many singles get discouraged when they feel they’ve given online dating a good shot and have come up empty-handed. As it has been said, Knowledge is Power. And so, we offer you some discoveries about online dating profiles, and how to improve them to help you achieve the goal of meeting someone just for you.

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The Modern Girl’s Guide to Online Dating

Ladies if you want to succeed at online dating then you’ve got to take the bull by the horns and get pro-active. Don’t wait around for your knight in shining armor to save you from a lack of excitement in your dating life. Instead take charge. To help you maximize your potential for getting the man of your dreams, here are some guidelines on how to proceed.

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Interracial Relationships Gain A High Profile With The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle officially joined the Royal Family of the House of Windsor on May 19, 2018 marrying Prince Harry, who is sixth in line to the throne. What is especially propitious about this royal union is Meghan, now known as the Duchess of Sussex, is bi-racial, the first such mixed-race British royal.

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Dispelling the Myth of Profile Photos

On an online dating app, the first or second thing you do once you’ve registered is to upload a profile photo. But did you know nearly 100% of members reject any photo, which does not clearly reflect the subject’s face? Full-body pics will not pass the smell test and are considered unattractive. It does seem natural we’d want to inspect “the goods” up close, so it all makes sense from a personal perspective.

Can You Read Between the Pixels?

Singles on a dating app can be quite savvy in reading a face clearly portrayed in a photo. The expression in a person’s eyes will tell you a lot about them. Are they soulful, empathic, a go-getter, lively and spirited? Other characteristics such as an outgoing nature, steadiness of character, and a sense of worth can also be detected when looking at a photo.

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Conversation Starters: What to Ask on A First Date

Sweaty palms and a pounding heart? Does that sound like you before a first date? Feel you can’t cope, afraid of being tongue-tied? Not having met your first date in a real-life setting is a major drawback of online dating. But when you use a video dating app like Zepeel it takes virtually all the guesswork out of what your match is like IRL.

Using the app’s video platform, you’ll discover what they look like (no fake profiles with a video clip), sound and talk like, their personality characteristics, and body language. Yet it’s still a good idea to prepare some first-date questions to ease into a conversational flow now that you’ve met IRL. Bearing this in mind we’ll go over a list of questions designed to tease out your date’s personality and values.

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The Art of First Date Conversations: 8 Questions to Hone Your Skills

Let’s say you’re on a first date after meeting on an online dating app. You seem to have a lot in common already, but as they say ‘the proof is in the pudding’.

Sitting across from each other you’ve asked some of the standard questions: where are they from, what do they do for a living, did they go to college and what was their major? Some or all of these questions may have already been asked on a dating app like Zepeel.

Zepeel is an avant-garde online dating app with a video-based platform. By using all of its features from a video profile, to text messaging, video messaging, and a first-of-its-kind live video chat, what do you do for conversation now?

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First Date Jitters: What You Can Do About Them

You read a lot of stuff about dating online, hear horror stories sometimes, urban legends about how something went amiss and the story became a meme. Yet the hot topic everyone is dying to know about is: how does one overcome their nerves on a first date?

Whether you are an extrovert, introvert, or have a social phobia it’s completely human to experience butterflies in your stomach, your heart racing, your palms growing sweaty, or in extreme cases your stomach is in knots.

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How to Have an Amazing Zepeel First Date!

Zepeel holds itself as the #1 true love dating site and app. Its structured platform takes you through a virtual dating reality, helping prepare for your first date IRL.

Imagine IRL if you spotted your true love across a room. Would you see a sea of stars that blots out everyone around you? People call this experience love at first sight. And Zepeel believes in it.

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Blog Repost - "LOVE AT FIRST PLAY"

"I’m not someone who really believes in love at first sight. But love at first playZepeel, you’ve got me intrigued. I mean, after what seemed like centuries of trying to meet someone organically, I turned to online dating too. Unfortunately, at that time Zepeel wasn’t on the market and now I’m not on it either. (Love you babe.)

Zepeel is the first video dating app to launch in Toronto. And thanks to Shine PR, it was launched in enviable style. There was bottomless champagne, a super cute kissing wall, a gelato guessing game and a balloon ceiling! Yes, you could say it was a cooler than cool party."

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Blog Repost - Zepeel: “Love At First Play”

"Strange encounters aside, my biggest complaint about online dating involves all the meaningless small talk, which consumes a huge amount of time. Despite putting effort into my profile to attract interesting dates, I’m still asked boring questions like “what are you doing right now?” or “what are you wearing?”. A while back I decided to boycott online dating altogether, but then I received an invite to the Zepeel app launch and was genuinely intrigued…"

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Blog Repost - I Test Drove the First-Ever Video Dating App and This is What Happened

"I was a bit nervous to watch the first video as I didn’t know what to expect, and feared it would be cringeworthy or aggressive. However, I was pleasantly surprised that the first profile I found was of a babely boy who talked with confidence and spoke about his hobbies, interests and what he was looking for in a woman. I caught myself smiling, while feeling a sense of relief (for him and I both!) that his vid was actually natural and organic and not rehearsed and strategic."

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