Top 9 Tips for Men to Get the Woman of Their Dreams

Top 9 Tips For Men

When it comes to what women want in a man, guys are generally clueless. And that’s okay unless you want to remain dateless and bereft of female companionship. But we know many men are dying to know how they can improve their odds of capturing the heart of a woman they’ve met, whether by chance at the laundromat, a networking event, or online dating.

Even though different women may put the emphasis on different qualities they find attractive in a man, there are universal qualities most women seek in a man. So, let’s get started with the top 9 qualities women value in men.

Here are, Top 9 Tips for Men to Get the Woman of Their Dreams:

1. Use Your Funny Bone

There’s almost nothing more seductive to a woman than a man with a quick wit. She wants to be in a relationship with a guy who’s fun and fun to be around. As Cyndi Lauper once sang, “Girls just wanna have fun!”

2. Sensitivity and Kindness Melts the Heart

A man secure in his masculinity is not afraid to show his softer side when a woman needs his emotional support. And women gravitate to kindness in a man as well. So, let us disabuse you of the notion of women like bad boys. They don’t.  Unless they’re very young and haven’t resolved their daddy issues. Mature women do want a man they can experience emotional intimacy with. Be a kinder, gentler you around women in general and especially with the woman you’re pursuing.

3. Confidence Gets the Girl

A sense of ease, and liking and esteeming oneself all contribute to confidence. Confidence gives off positive energy and is a chick-magnet. But be confident in your own way as it suits your nature. You can be funny confident, warmly confident, or quietly confident. Either way, you’ll draw women to you who like your confident style.

4. Intelligence Makes You Sexy!

Guys worry about their looks with regards to their attractiveness to women.  But here’s the truth. You don’t need high cheekbones, a wide chin, or large eyes to be considered handsome as some studies have revealed. Your secret weapon is intelligence plus confidence, and an ability to hold a conversation on a variety of topics. To tell the truth, again there are women who require lots of mental stimulation. It’s sexy. Adonises don’t have a corner on the market when it comes to attracting women. They may score more easily, but that’s about hookups, not mature relationships.

5. Sexual Prowess

Being good in bed is important and a woman naturally wants a good lover. As any woman will tell you if a man can kiss, it’s on! They don’t want fish lips or a tongue that’s indiscriminate about where it goes. What they want is to feel a connection that says you’re into them, heart and soul. If you can pull off the first kiss, then satisfying love making will follow.

6. Score Points with Good Social Skills

Interpersonal skills are important; they lubricate the wheels of social interaction. Smile often, make eye contact, listen intently to everything she has to say. You’ll be learning her and thus understanding her. Make a good impression around her friends simply by the way you treat her. They’re going to be telling her they think she’s got a keeper.

7. Success Will Impress

Living with your mother is not going to spell success to a woman. Having a steady job and a nicely-furnished apartment tells her you’ll be a good provider. Talk about your goals and ambitions, letting her know you’re on a career path whether that’s climbing the corporate ladder, eventually starting your own business, or getting your contractor’s license.

8. You Can Count on Me

There’s almost nothing worse than flaking out on a woman. If you say you’re going to do something, follow through. Like mowing the lawn or clipping the hedges before the 4th of July cookout you’re going to throw for your friends and neighbors.

9. Romancing the Girl

This should be a no-brainer. Women love being wooed and made to feel special. What’s romantic varies greatly. It could be something spontaneous like buying a bouquet of flowers while you’re picking out wine for dinner at the supermarket. She’s expecting the wine, but when you show up with flowers for her as well, you know the evening’s going to end well in the bedroom.

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Or it could be something as mundane as doing the dishes after dinner. Believe it or not many women find that romantic. You’ve done something to ease her day and it’ll pay big dividends.  Where else? In the bedroom!

Women, do you have your own list of qualities you like to see in a man?  And men, have we opened your eyes to how to succeed with women? Share your thoughts with us.

Author Bio: Patricia attended San Francisco State University and earned a degree in Technical and Professional Writing in 2008. She took a professional development course, B2B High-Performance Copy-writing from American Writers and Artists Inc., in which she learned among other things lead generation, white papers, and landing pages. She has experience in blogging and expert in writing different topics.

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