The Stood-Up Blues: How to Get Over Them

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You’ve met a guy online you r-e-a-l-l-y like. He looks very cute and reveals he has a sense of humor in his texts to you. When you speak on the phone, you feel a real chemistry between you. He sounds sexy! He asks you out on a date. You’re in heaven, about ten feet off the ground. The time and date are set and you grow more excited by the day.

You take extra pains with your appearance, get your hair cut and styled, a professional manicure, even steam your face for a healthy glow.

You arrive for your date a little ahead of time. And then you wait and wait and wait for him to show. The minutes tick by, 5, 10, 15 and by now you’re growing anxious. After a half hour, you’ve given up the ghost. And you’re mad, frustrated, humiliated, and very disappointed. You’ve been stood up and it hurts your pride.

What do you do now? Go home and weep an ocean of tears? No. What you do instead is make the most of the day to get past the demoralizing feeling of rejection. Here are our tips on how to deal with being stood up.

Get Emotional Support

Turn to your mother, a girlfriend, or your sister. These are the people we can normally trust to be there for us in our moment in need. They’ll let you know in one way or another you didn’t deserve the treatment you got from this flake of a guy. They may say there are better men out there and not to give up on online dating over the behavior of one cad. And you get to vent which always helps to move on.

Find a Fun Thing to Do

How about taking a helicopter ride? Or jumping out of a plane? The thrill of experiencing something new will push all the negative thoughts of your disappointment out of your mind. And remind you-you don’t need a man to have a good time. It puts things in perspective and that’s what you need most of all to move on.

Don’t Go Sour on Dating

The guy who stood you up is only one of thousands of men online. There are more good men out there than there are inconsiderate ones. You’ll meet somebody better, believe me. And please remember you’re rolling the dice in the random game of online dating. You’re bound to win as long as you keep a positive attitude and move on quickly from the occasional disappointment.

Take Care of Yourself

Always do something for yourself. Buy a new pair of shoes or a purse you’ve been coveting recently. Or get a facial, anything that’ll make you feel better and lift your spirits. You deserve to treat yourself well, especially when you’ve been treated badly by others. By dwelling on the negative of being stood up, you give away your power to this jerk, who doesn’t deserve the time of day from you. Reclaim your power quickly and that alone will make you feel better about yourself.

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What to Do If He Contacts You

Okay, let’s say the flake does call you eventually. Try to be open to what he has to say. If he’s genuinely sorry he’ll say as much. If he wants to set another date, tell him you’re willing to give him a chance to redeem himself. But he must earn your trust back. That’ll cue him that he needs to do something more to prove he’s worthy of being given another chance. He would be wise to take you to a higher-class restaurant to make you feel valued and special. He could even make a gallant gesture like bringing you a bouquet of flowers. That’ll soften you up and make you realize this guy may be a keeper after all.

Sometimes people don’t realize the impact their actions have on others. If he’s smart he’ll chalk up his lapse as a life’s lesson for him. And this will bode well for your future as you continue to date. Look at it this way: some men are trainable, some aren’t. If you’ve got one that is, he’ll be motivated to learn what you need from him in your relationship.

Have you been stood up yourself?  And how did you handle it and move on?   Share with us your tips for moving on from disappointment.

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