Top 7 Tips for Women to Get the Man of Their Dreams

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Men often get stereotyped for being pretty shallow when it comes to what they look for in the opposite sex. There generally is some truth behind any stereotype, but for a man looking for a committed relationship, looking for the one, it’s both simple and complicated. At the same time.

That is part of what makes matchmaking so interesting. But beyond physical appearances or sexual attractions, here are seven qualities men are looking for in the woman of their dreams.

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1. A winning personality

He wants someone who has a great personality. Someone who is fun, outgoing, and can have a good time when the time is right. He also wants someone he can sit down with and have a long conversation with. Someone who shares similar passions and carries similar values.

If you’re spending the rest of your life with someone, you want it to be with someone who brings you pleasure, excitement, and enjoyment in life. You need a winning personality to do that.

2. Be a dreamer

We could say this goes in both directions. A man wants someone who will share and support his dreams and goals. Someone who will stand with him if he wants to make a risk in life; maybe quit his office job to start his own business.

But he wants someone who has their own dreams. Someone who has their own goals and ideas for their own life. In a great relationship, these dreams will harmonize rather than conflict.

3. Aside of practicality

But maybe he has an idea for an awful business that will bankrupt the family. You don’t need to crush his dreams, but by being a little more practical you can showcase why what he wants to do is a mistake for the family.

A man wouldn’t want to intentionally hurt his family. But if he likes to dream, which is a good thing, you should be there to voice concerns. And this goes for every part of family life. It is also good to have balance.

4. Exude confidence

He wants you to be confident in yourself. To know you are smart, beautiful, and can conquer the world. He wants you to believe you are just as beautiful in gym clothes without makeup as you are when you ready for a night on the town.

If you want a guy to believe in you need to believe in yourself.

5. Have the right attitude

There are some people who just go through life seemingly unhappy every day about every little thing. They tend to have negative attitudes and it shows. Please don’t be that way. A guy wants you to have a good attitude, to be positive, and also to be kind to others, to be loving and caring.

After all, most guys want kids. They want the mother of their children to be affectionate, loving, and ready to take care of others.  

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6. Make an effort

He wants you to try. What does that mean? He wants you to put effort into the relationship. To fight for it. To keep going. When you hit a rough patch, don’t give up. That is how you show love. It’s really easy to be in love when you are on an exotic island, but when it’s Monday night and you are both tired and stressed from work that day, it gets a little more difficult.

So show him you are willing to go the extra mile.

7. Sense of humor

Most men want a woman who is playful, who doesn’t always take life so seriously. He wants to joke with you, and importantly, for you to laugh and tell your own jokes. He doesn’t just want someone who is dry or stiff, or constantly worried about being serious every hour of every day.

Let your guard down, tell jokes, and just have fun.  

And just be yourself. Every man will have his own variation of what he is looking for. So men, share your thoughts on the qualities you are looking for in a woman. Ladies, what do you think of this list? We’d love to hear from you.

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