The Psychology of Online Dating Profiles and How to Improve Yours


Is there a magic formula to succeed in online dating? Many singles get discouraged when they feel they’ve given online dating a good shot and have come up empty-handed. As it has been said, Knowledge is Power. And so, we offer you some discoveries about online dating profiles, and how to improve them to help you achieve the goal of meeting someone just for you.

Words Count

If you are serious about finding love online you must mention the word ‘love’ in your profile. It has been shown singles who do use ‘love’ in one context or another are more likely to find it. In particular, men who use the words ‘heart’, ‘romantic’, ‘relationship’, and ‘children’ will do better in attracting a romantic partner.

The Eyes Have It

A research company using tracking technology was able to record the eye movements of study participants as they read online dating profiles. What the researchers discovered is men looked at women’s profile photos/videos 65% more of the time than women did men’s. This is proof positive of how important a profile photo/video is because it’s a known fact men fall in love with their eyes. So, ladies make sure you upload the most flattering profile photo/video of yourself.

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Not Telling the Truth

Nearly two percent of people fudge the truth when describing their physical characteristics in their dating profiles. A university study was able to determine through checking DMV licenses (where the lying started), and weighing and measuring study participants, both men and women lied on their dating profiles.

They lied about weight: women claimed they were almost 9 pounds lighter than their present weight; men fibbed less, claiming they were two pounds lighter. But men lied more about their height, saying they were half an inch taller. Men and women lied less about age, oddly.

Be honest about your appearance. It seems silly to subtract a few pounds or add a fraction of an inch to describe yourself. Here’s some advice you hear all the time but heed it: be yourself. Self-acceptance is all-important if you want to experience a real relationship.

Get a Second Opinion

It has been studied one-third of women ask a friend to review their dating profiles. For men it’s less than one-fifth. It’s wise to recruit a second pair of eyes. A friend can offer some perspective to help you make the best presentation of yourself on your dating profile.

So, what do you think about research on dating profiles?  Would you change how you create your own profile?

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