How to Create a Picture-Perfect Online Video Dating Profile

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When searching for a new job you do all you can to ensure your resume presents you as hirable. You can look at creating your online video dating profile the same way. You want to attract the right kind of person just as you want to be hired by the right company for the right position. But more than this you want your ideal video dating profile to be accurate, specific, and honest.

Getting Started

The basic approach to recording an ideal video profile is to have in mind the perfect person, who will be viewing it. The first thing you should describe are your most striking personal qualities. Are you fun-loving, artistic, sweet-natured, kind, gentle, spirited, thoughtful? Pick the top four to describe yourself. If you can’t come up with anything, call upon your friends to help you out.

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In addition to personal qualities describe the passions in your life. If it’s your career, talk a bit about it. Do you have avocations like photography, motocross racing, surfing, gardening, crocheting, blogging, hiking, scuba diving? Let people viewing your video profile know because your interests are going to resonate with some, giving them a jumping-off point to start a conversation via messaging or chatting.

When talking about the kind of person you’re searching for, be upfront. Don’t be afraid to say you want a serious relationship or just to have fun. There will be others online wanting the same thing and those are the people you want to target.

Talk about the kind of person you’re hoping to meet. But don’t be superficial. Say you want to meet someone that’s into health and fitness, not that you want someone with a hard body. In other words, focus on character traits not surface appearances.

Get into the Nitty Gritty

Don’t paint your life with a broad brush. If you’re describing yourself as a foodie, don’t stop there. Say what kind of cuisine you like, maybe a favorite restaurant where they serve it.

Are you a gourmet cook? Talk about that. Do you like having intimate little dinner parties and preparing your signature dish?

Are you an avid sports fan who buys season tickets to your favorite team’s home games? With all of the above you’re giving people a clear picture of what your life looks like.

The Don’ts

Don’t make negative comments or come across as judgmental. Any sentence you speak with the word ‘not’ in it don’t say. Your focus should be on the people you want to attract, not those who repel you. The more positive, honest, and upbeat you are the more you’ll attract the right people to your profile rather than the wrong people.

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Don’t be mordant. It might become you in real life, but on your video profile it will detract from your more attractive qualities.

The Finishing Touches of Your Video Profile

After you finish producing you video profile examine it with a discerning eye. How do you come off? Better yet have a trusted friend review it and give you some honest feedback.

Have you succeeded in spotlighting your most attractive qualities? And are there any negative comments that need to be addressed. If it’s positive you’re on the right track.

And finally viewing it from the perspective of your perfect partner, is it resonating with them? Are they seeing you as a unique individual? If you can nail this you’ve hit the sweet spot.

Are you willing to try our suggestions to improve your own video dating profile? Let us know with comments.

Author Bio: Patricia attended San Francisco State University and earned a degree in Technical and Professional Writing in 2008. She took a professional development course, B2B High-Performance Copy-writing from American Writers and Artists Inc., in which she learned among other things lead generation, white papers, and landing pages. She has experience in blogging and expert in writing different topics.