Video Dating: A Flash in the Pan or Here to Stay?

People of a younger generation may not know this but video dating began as far back as the 1980s. Crude VHS tapes were used to create dating profiles to send to potential matches via dating services. Since then startups have made diligent efforts to bring video dating up-to-date on mobile phones.

Now with smartphones being the primary way we communicate online and offline, dating apps are attempting to integrate video into their apps. They’re featuring video profiles and video messaging. Yet they’re hesitant to go whole hog, offering only these one or two video features.

The exception to this state of affairs is newcomer Zepeel, the one and only dating app to feature a complete video platform. It incorporates all three forms of video communication: video profile, video message, and video chat. Zepeel is way ahead of the curve with video dating, but more about this dating app later in the blog.

The New Video Dating Frontier

Video dating is new territory yet to be explored except by a few hardy pioneers, who are wading into the shoals, but not ready to do a deep dive into virtual-reality dating.

Two schools of thought exist about video dating. One argument goes that it’s daunting to use any video feature for fear of exposure to strangers in cyberspace. On the other hand, the counter-argument assumes there are things you can’t know about a person merely from an inert photo: what their speaking voice sounds like, or do they have a likeable personality.

Is Video Safe?

Setting aside both these arguments there’s a case to be made for online safety. Although numerous dating apps demand you use a Facebook account to sign up, allowing partial identification of a user, video adds another element, identity disclosure. In other words, a person in the virtual flesh.

Video makes it impossible to catfish for example. Catfishing is when someone assumes the identity of another to emotionally and materially extort the victim. But video avoids these fake profiles and unpleasant surprises when the snookered user shows up to a date and sees someone unrecognizable (clothes, hair, attitude is all different).

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Being hoodwinked won’t happen on a dating app with video features, especially Zepeel, which has a layered approach to video dating. But more about them later.

Another challenge video poses is harassment. But there are ways to get around it. Moderating the platform and asking users to report any breach of the app’s privacy policy. Another is to link places of education, job position, and so forth will show on the user’s profile.

But to be clear about the issue of harassment on dating apps, there is no 100% failsafe way to avoid a bad-mannered jerk, or sex addict from seeping through the cracks of any dating app. Vigilance and reporting are the way to address this problem.

In spite of the many challenges developers face in creating the safest dating apps using technology like facial recognition and auto-eliminating offensive content, the mobile dating community is evolving.

The Zepeel Solution

The remaining challenge is to develop video features in such a way that users are motivated to take the final step and go on a live video chat. And this brings us back to Zepeel, who is the one and only video dating app to develop a video platform that warms users up to each other through the layering and progression of its watch, talk, and meet video features.

To gain users’ acceptance of video dating on Zepeel’s platform it’s all in the clear, succinct, and logical presentation of its video features: watch, talk, and meet. Zepeel makes concrete how simple and unintimidating its video dating platform is, namely:

  • You watch a 30-second video profile. The user is moving, gesticulating, articulating, and conveying human warmth, all of which you can’t get from a static photo.

  • You talk through a video message. The character and personality of a user is revealing itself right before your very eyes.

  • You meet in a live video chat. By the time you get to this stage of the virtual-reality dating experience you’ll be well-acquainted with your match.

The final step is, having achieved maximum comfort level and strong rapport, you’ll take your relationship offline and meetup in real life. Face-to-face and in the flesh, you’ll naturally want to take that first selfie to commemorate your first date. This is what Zepeel’s video dating platform can do for you, bring your burgeoning relationship to life on its all-inclusive video dating platform.

How do you feel about video dating? Have you tried it, liked it, not liked it? What are your concerns and has any of the information in this blog encouraged you to give it a try? Let us know in the comments section..

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