The Modern Girl’s Guide to Online Dating

Online Dating

Ladies if you want to succeed at online dating then you’ve got to take the bull by the horns and get pro-active. Don’t wait around for your knight in shining armor to save you from a lack of excitement in your dating life. Instead take charge. To help you maximize your potential for getting the man of your dreams, here are some guidelines on how to proceed.

Get Real

Don’t expect to just throw up a photo or video on an online dating app and expect an immediate response. You’ve got to put effort into finding your guy. And know how to use the tools dating apps provide to present yourself in the most favorable light and make prospective matches sit up and take notice.

The most important consideration in finding a catch is to know what you want in a man. Here’s a list of attributes to stimulate your thinking:

  • Intellectually challenging

  • Good sense of humor

  • Sensitivity

  • Strong core values

  • Kindness

  • Good with finances

  • Artistic type

  • Athletic

The next thing is to be willing to reach out first. Afraid you won’t get a response? Social scientists say women initiating the first contact are more than twice as likely to get a response than guys are. And you’ll discover what an empowering experience it is to take charge.

Get Recommendations

Don’t just willy-nilly sign up on any dating site and app. You may end up dealing with fake profiles, scammers, and stalkers. Find out from friends what dating sites and Apps they’ve had good experiences with. You can also google dating Apps/sites with the search term reviews. This will turn up app or sites where professional reviewers give their take.

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Video Etiquette

Suggestions to Make You Stand Out

Put some thought into your video clip.  Here are some recommendations:

  • You want to use at least an eight megapixel phone camera for better resolution.

  • Shoot your video under good lighting conditions.  Either a well-lit room or one with plenty of natural light from windows.

  • Fame your video for maximum impact.  You have a couple of good options for a partial body shot.  Either shoot from the waist or knees up, but keep the camera at shoulder height.

  • Don’t mumble your words.  Re-record to get the volume-level of your voice just right so you can be heard clearly.

  • Be animated and relate to the camera like a friend.  Use inflections, that is change your pitch. Study news broadcasters who practice this technique to get the hang of it.  Use a little wit if it spontaneously occurs to you.

Find the Middle Ground

Avoid extremes when meeting matches online. This means don’t rush into setting up a date, or shilly-shally texting back and forth for weeks on end. You need enough time to get a feel for the other person, or you’ll end up wishing you could bolt for the door when your hastily-arranged date turns out to be weird or creepy. Conversely, taking a slow-poke pace generally means a person is not genuinely interested in meeting up in real life.

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Be Real

It’s tempting to want to fudge some details on your dating bio: like age, body type, salt and pepper hair, for example. But your date is going to see the goods for himself and feel taken. To find an authentic relationship requires you to be authentic. Accepting yourself as you are an attractive quality to a man. He knows he’s dealing with a woman who doesn’t need to impress him with affectations.

Be Patient and Persevere

With online dating you’re playing the odds. You might get lucky and click with a guy immediately. Or as is more often the case you may end up having a lot of live video chats or going on dozens of coffee dates before you strike pay dirt and meet the one meant for you. Remember, there’s always tomorrow and determination will bring results eventually. So, hang in there. Now go out there and find your man!