Dispelling the Myth of Profile Photos


On an online dating app, the first or second thing you do once you’ve registered is to upload a profile photo. But did you know nearly 100% of members reject any photo, which does not clearly reflect the subject’s face? Full-body pics will not pass the smell test and are considered unattractive. It does seem natural we’d want to inspect “the goods” up close, so it all makes sense from a personal perspective.

Can You Read Between the Pixels?

Singles on a dating app can be quite savvy in reading a face clearly portrayed in a photo. The expression in a person’s eyes will tell you a lot about them. Are they soulful, empathic, a go-getter, lively and spirited? Other characteristics such as an outgoing nature, steadiness of character, and a sense of worth can also be detected when looking at a photo.

However, people cannot determine the subtleties of character no matter how clear the photo is. Only the most prominent qualities of a person’s character can be detected. To learn a person’s character more fully requires a dialog with them in real life. It’s then you can discover characteristics such as agreeableness, up-tightness, or open-mindedness. That handsome guy staring back at you may look to be of sterling character, but up-close-and-personal can turn out to be a real jerk. Appearances can deceive.

What’s interesting is looks take a back seat and personality becomes the determining factor once people are in a relationship with each other. Even more interesting is the reality that for many people they choose a partner of similar attractiveness in the end. Don’t feel you’re being short-changed because you didn’t end up with the glamour boy or girl. As an old song goes “we all lose our looks in the end”. That stud or babe may end up aging badly, which is something to think about.

No Cosmetic Repair Needed

Aging well or badly is not an issue for couples who’ve experienced a deep, spiritual love. People who have always remained in love, no matter how old they are or how they’ve aged, still see one another as the attractive and youthful person they first fell in love with.

The Influence of Belief

A school of thought exists (not scientifically validated), that concludes couples in healthy and satisfying relationships bear a resemblance to one another. However, psychologists largely demur, reporting during an artificial speed-dating party, participants who believed they were like one another were inclined to be drawn to one another. But the reverse was true for participants who were alike: no attraction happened between them at all.

Here’s another tidbit of information about appearance and attraction. People who resemble one another are not romantically interested in one another. To go further, males and females who look alike don’t find one another sexy but trust one another.

The Future of Profile Photos

In years to come the static profile photo may be a relic of the past on dating websites. Video profile clips are the latest trend on dating apps. For one thing you can’t photoshop them, and for another personality traits not discernable in a photo may reveal themselves in a video profile. Now all we need is verification from social scientists is so.