Conversation Starters: What to Ask on A First Date


Sweaty palms and a pounding heart? Does that sound like you before a first date? Feel you can’t cope, afraid of being tongue-tied? Not having met your first date in a real-life setting is a major drawback of online dating. But when you use a video dating app like Zepeel it takes virtually all the guesswork out of what your match is like IRL.

Using the app’s video platform, you’ll discover what they look like (no fake profiles with a video clip), sound and talk like, their personality characteristics, and body language. Yet it’s still a good idea to prepare some first-date questions to ease into a conversational flow now that you’ve met IRL. Bearing this in mind we’ll go over a list of questions designed to tease out your date’s personality and values.

After all the pleasantries have been dispensed with and you’re settled in with a beverage, try out some of these suggested questions to quickly learn about your date and create a conversational flow.

What Was Your Upbringing Like?

You can move in the general direction of how big is your family, how many siblings do you have, etc? You might find out their parents split up when they were young, or their father was in the military so they were military brats. Getting some basic background information on them can help you understand their challenges and how they overcame them. A question like this is open-ended and allows for giving out as much or little information as they are comfortable with.

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What Meal You’ve Ever Had Was the Most Memorable?

Your date might answer it was a home-cooked meal prepared by a French friend of theirs. Or they found a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant that served the best Vietnamese food on the planet. A question like this gets the conversational flow going.

What’s Your Go-To Drink?

Are they a microbrewery or wine connoisseur? Or both? Do they like Tequila with a beer chaser? If they answer a Car Bomb, you’ve got a party animal on your hands. This question can give you a clue to their lifestyle, an important component of compatibility in a relationship.

What’s the Most Challenging Thing You’ve Ever Done? Or the Most Frightening?

The answer could be something like how they overcame their fear of heights, or single-handedly managed a situation they never thought they were capable of. You’ll learn something about their strength of character or other admirable qualities.

What Do You Find Humorous?

Nobody wants to be in a relationship with a wet blanket. What kinds of things they find funny will tell you how they approach life. Maybe how they leavened a difficult situation with a dose of timely humor. This will give you information about their coping skills and resiliency.

The foregoing questions are designed to get someone talking comfortably about themselves, how they view life, what are their values.

A Few Pointers on Conversational Do’s and Don’ts.

· Be a good listener and don’t dominate the conversation.

· Allow for natural silences.

· Don’t probe deeply into someone’s life; save it for another time down the road.

· Don’t unleash your frustrations and private woes; shelve that for when you’ve known the person awhile.

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