Guidelines on How to Select the Best Video Dating App

Best video dating app

The reason we decided to write a blog on how to select the best video dating app is simply because information on this topic is not available online. One blog we found entitled “How to choose the best dating app for you” turned out to be misleading. It immediately tossed the reader headlong into what the source believed were the best dating apps, not how to choose them.

We understand the plight of singles, who having dozens of dating apps to choose from (including video dating apps) run smack into a wall of confusion. They don’t want to waste their time, energy, and money, only to have the app give them disappointing results. Dating is hard enough, why make it worse is our reasoning. Therefore, we’re giving you some pointers on how to select the best video dating apps, so read on.

Safety Policy

One of the top concerns of singles is safety. They want to be on a video dating app, which is safe. Any video dating app worth their software will have a privacy policy posted on their service. If you can’t access the privacy policy this way, Google it and you should be directed to the app’s privacy policy page. Once there you can determine if the safety policy meets your safety concerns. If you can’t find the privacy policy through Googling, then we suggest not using the app.

Free Use

The best video dating apps will allow you to use their app for free unless you want to upgrade to get more functionality out of the app. Avoid those video dating apps, which ask you to sign up for a long-term subscription. They’re more interested in getting your money than they are in helping you meet people, the whole point of being on a video dating app, to begin with.

Video Features

Any number of dating apps have augmented their traditional still photo, bio summary, and text features to include a video feature or two. It may be video messaging and/or a video profile. And that’s about it. But people by nature are generally hesitant to try new things except for those few early adopters of new technology clearly in the minority.

These dating apps want to pull in a larger demographic audience to convert them to video while the app itself still retains the outdated technology of static photos, lengthy bios, and abstract texting features. This marketing strategy is flawed because users will tend to hang back and take the tried-and-true route of using only the traditional features of the app.

So, if you really want to experience video, the best video dating apps will commit to at least two video features and ideally three.

Video Profiles

When it comes to creating a video profile, it’s best to go with an app that offers you at least 30 seconds of viewing time. Besides, what can you say in a 10-second video profile? Your name and sexual preference and not much more? The whole point of a video profile is to show more of who you are: your personality, your vocal intonations, body language, and the like.

Also avoid those video apps which feature brief, disappearing videos. That’s like ghosting, which we know you singles abhor.

Video Messaging

If you want to start slow with video you could pick an app, which has video messaging to get the hang of using video as a communication tool. But it’s like putting the horse before the cart. You actually need the lead-in of your video profile to share and view other video profiles, to determine whom you find attractive and interesting, then proceed to video message once you’ve connected. The best video dating apps will have these two features: video profiles and video messaging.

Live Video Chat

Video apps, which feature live video chat are among the very best around. This is your opportunity to meet in-the-virtual-flesh, so to speak. On a live video chat, you’re communicating in real time just like you would on an app like Skype. The difference is the best video dating apps perform much like social media apps. You have the ability to import your friends’ list and / or swipe to view videos of exciting new people for fun, friendship, dating, and beyond.

Having reviewed the features, the best video dating apps contain, we want to recommend one of the newest and best video dating apps, Zepeel.

Zepeel’s app contains video profiles, video messaging, and live video chat. These compose respectively Zepeel’s watch, talk, and meet virtual-reality dating process, making finding and connecting to the right person an easy and efficient process.

Have you tried video dating apps? What was your experience like? Share your opinions with us.

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