Blog Repost - "LOVE AT FIRST PLAY"

The Lady-Like Leopard shared her night at the Zepeel Launch Party, and how she's moved from online dater, to matchmaker.

"I’m not someone who really believes in love at first sight. But love at first play? Zepeel, you’ve got me intrigued. I mean, after what seemed like centuries of trying to meet someone organically, I turned to online dating too. Unfortunately, at that time Zepeel wasn’t on the market and now I’m not on it either. (Love you babe.)

Zepeel is the first video dating app to launch in Toronto. And thanks to Shine PR, it was launched in enviable style. There was bottomless champagne, a super cute kissing wall, a gelato guessing game and a balloon ceiling! Yes, you could say it was a cooler than cool party."

Thanks for sharing the night with us!

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