What to Wear in Your Video Dating Profile

We all know the saying, “You only get one shot to make a good first impression.”

This advice is especially true when it comes to the online dating scene –you know, where reactions and opinions are formed in a millisecond!

First impressions matter –and your dating profile video is your chance to make a good one. How you present yourself in your video will have a major impact on the type of response that you’ll get, so naturally, you’ll want to make sure you’re rockin’ it and sending all the right vibes.

If you’re new to the video dating scene, don’t sweat it – this post is here to help guide you. Dressing for success isn’t hard –and we’ve created a quick guide to choosing an amazing outfit, and presenting yourself in a way that will help to ensure maximum likability! Follow these tips and you’ll have the perfect look in no time –one that will help you to feel and look your very best.

Dress Your Age

As a general rule, try to wear something that’s age appropriate. The last thing you’ll want is to look like you’re trying to fit into clothes that “the kids” might be wearing today. This doesn’t mean that you need to dress like you just raided Great Aunt Edna’s closet, but it does mean that you’ll want to choose an outfit that looks like it was made for you. Choosing clothes that look great on you will send the message that you’re comfortable in your own skin, rather than giving out the vibe that you’re desperately trying to look younger than you are.

Choose Clothes That Fit Great

If you want to present yourself as someone who has it together (because –you do, of course!) then make sure you choose an outfit that says so. Find something that fits well, and is flattering to your shape –don’t wear anything too big or baggy –there’s no need for all those layers –and you’ll want to steer clear of clothes that are either too small or tight. Remember: a simple outfit that fits well is better than a designer one that’s a poor fit.

Be Comfortable

Comfort counts! If you’re not relaxed in what you’re wearing, it’ll show in the video, and send out vibes that you’re just not feeling it. While you’ll want to dress for success, you should also keep comfort in mind. This doesn’t give you permission to wear your pajamas, but it does mean finding a balance between put-together, and chilled out. You won’t want to be fidgeting in your outfit –so choose something that’s not too hot, scratchy, uncomfortable, or stuffy.

Be Accessory-Smart

When choosing accessories, it’s important to go with things that will help you to look good –don’t just pile on the jewelry because you have it. A pair of nice earrings or a necklace can add to your outfit, but don’t wear so much bling that it detracts from your natural beauty. Don’t underestimate the importance of having one trendy item as part of your outfit. A stylish handbag or another strong accessory will do wonders for your look, helping you to appear on-trend, without trying too hard.

Keep It Real

First impressions, even video first impressions, are all about keepin’ it real. If you aren’t a blazer type of girl –then don’t wear a blazer. Don’t try to talk yourself into wearing distressed skinny jeans or, say, leather pants if you prefer pretty, feminine dresses. As a good rule of thumb, try to wear an outfit that really makes you feel like the best version of yourself, something that reflects your personality. Don’t feel pressured into wearing something that’s out of character in an attempt to look good on camera. Give the real you a chance to shine through. Although, of course, it might be best to keep that ultra-comfy t-shirt showcasing your favorite band from ten years ago for another time! If in doubt, just go with something that you would wear out to lunch with friends, or on a casual date.

Polish Your Look

Take a few minutes to style your hair –and do your makeup, keeping things natural or consistent with your everyday look. You’ll want to avoid heavy makeup and outrageous outfits –unless that’s your style, of course! The important thing is being polished, but not overdone. Plus, doing your own makeup means that when you meet up in person, your date will actually be able to recognize you. Score!

Do Your Prep

While you definitely nothing wrong with the casual “I just threw this on” look, this doesn’t mean that you’ll want to wear a creased or wrinkled top. Having your outfit picked out, and ready to go will help to free you up from having to worry about what to wear, and will give you time to hang it up or get the wrinkles out –or before you go on-camera.

The Beauty’s in the Details

Finally, it’s not all about the outfit –camera angles, lighting, your facial expression, and other subtle nuances matter as well. When setting up your camera, make sure you’re in a room that has plenty of natural light. It’s more flattering, better for the skin tone, and let’s face it: being shrouded by darkness is not as seductive as you might think! And skip the sunglasses. People will want to see your face. And according to one study by PhotoFeeler, people tend to view those who wear sunglasses in their profile pictures as less likeable. Yikes! Along the same lines of thought, make sure your face isn’t obscured by hair, glare, or shadows. According to the same study, these details will cause your perceived level of competence and influence to go down. When rolling the tape, remember that facial expressions matter. The PhotoFeeler study recommends trying out a “squinch,” if you want to look more likeable, competent, and influential. And don’t forget to throw in some genuine smiles! Studies show the most popular online daters look straight into the camera and smile with their teeth.

Taking the time to put together a winning look for your video  has an extra benefit as well: it will give you a tremendous boost of self-confidence, and we all know that confidence is attractive.

Finally, don’t forget the best accessory of all –a smile! If you’re sending out happy and friendly vibes, you’re certain to get better results. Be approachable, be friendly, and most importantly, be yourself –then relax and get to work on that video!

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