15 Essential Dating Blogs

Trying to find the right partner can feel like being stuck on a raft. But instead of water, you’re surrounded by a churning sea of dubious online profiles, unsolicited pics of certain body parts and way too many nights you’ll never get back.  

But never fear! Though it might seem like you’re all alone and adrift on the dating sea, the following 15 blogs are beacons guiding you to friendly (and hopefully romantic) shores. They’ll entertain you, make you commiserate, and give you tips and tricks to navigate yourself off that rickety old raft of singledom. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and most importantly, you’ll learn something new.  So pour yourself a glass of wine and take a minute to enjoy the company of these fabulous, smart, witty and wise bloggers.


British author Philip Pullman once wrote, “After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” Other people’s stories lets us know we’re not the only ones on this crazy raft. It’s an added bonus if the storyteller also gets us to laugh about it, a much needed skill for anyone who’s had to navigate the wubbulous world of online dating for any length of time.

The 30 Dates Blog

This site chronicles Charly Lester’s dating adventures as she attempted to go on 30 blind dates before she turned 30. What started as a reaction to a sudden disappearing act turned into a hugely successful blog, with trips to New York and LA (Lester lives in London).

I will admit to not being able to stand the suspense regarding Henley Boy and skipped ahead to those parts. Check it out!

Single Girl Blogging

Single Girl has turned the expression, “it’s better to laugh about it than to cry” into a life philosophy: the way she takes the lemons of singledom and turns them into a tangy, hilarious, slightly raunchy lemonade (warning: penis references abound) almost amounts to a superpower. Begin with her greatest hits and get ready to laugh!


In her late twenties and living in the midwest, Soon2BeCatlady is on a quest for the “love of her life.” Unfortunately, the love of her life seems to have gotten lost in the online profile depot… Still, it’s the journey that counts, right? Catlady dutifully chronicles her crazy dating adventure and mishaps. She also has no qualms transcribing some of her chats with prospective suitors. Trust me, you’ll commiserate with some of the terrible pick-up lines, propositions and general ugh kind of behaviour she’s encountered on her quest. Bonus: you can even listen to Catlady talk dating: her podcast airs every Wednesday night at 9 pm central standard time.

Blog with Benefits

One part dating horror stories, one part personal musings and another part tips and advice, Blog with Benefits is a refreshing, sassy cocktail with something for everyone. Check out her useful infographic entitled Should you text your ex? Jessica Druck (aka Blog with Benefits lady) also provides a section for user-submitted Love Stories. Although not all of them have happy endings, they all shine some light on this crazy thing called love.  

Tips and Tricks

Time Out

Another gem from 30 Blind Dates adventuress Charly Lester, her dating blog on Time Out provides some advice and suggestions for dating in the big city. Although Time Out is mainly a travel guide, Lester’s articles range from giving the lowdown on the latest Dating Survey Results to tips on How to Spot your Perfect Partner. As always, she’s funny, smart and a veritable font of information.

Role Reboot

Although not solely a dating site, Role Reboot’s mission is “to understand and embrace the changing realities of all our lives and support each other” in a world built “built on outdated assumptions about men and women’s roles.” Check out the sex+relationships section and filter by dating - you’ll get the best results. The Dear Dana column is especially worth a glance as it’s chock full of good advice!

Baggage Reclaim

Natalie Lue helps people deal with their baggage and “get off the hamster wheel of going out with Mr/Miss Unavailables so that they can be in the relationship that they truly want and deserve.” Her blog is full of good advice on how to regain confidence and put your best self forward. Think of her as the Konmari of emotional baggage!

Dating Advice

Datingadvice.com is like the mothership of dating advice websites. They have something for everyone- you can browse their many, many articles, post a question to their forum, peruse one of their dating studies, and basically get lost in the vast amount of useful information they provide. Worried about never resurfacing? They got you covered. You can filter information to either women’s or men’s dating experts (among many other options).

Finding Love

Dating with Dignity

Dating and relationship coach Marni Battista “invite[s] you to challenge yourself, use [her] methods and tools to build self-awareness, tap into your TRUE dynamic self, and take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions to date with dignity, and find the love and intimacy you deserve.” As she says in her About page, she’s all about results. Her blog gives some insight into why we keep making the same mistakes and what we can do about it. She is simple, effective and to the point and provides some useful exercises to help you get out of whatever rut you may find yourself in.

Love in 90 Days

This is the website of PBS Love expert, psychologist and author of 30 Days to Love and Find your Soulmate Online Dr. Diana Kirschner. Her blog offers a lot of relevant relationship and dating advice; of special interest is her section entitled Dating Advice for Women .

Deanna Lorraine

Nicknamed “Ms. Hitch”, Deanna Lorraine “specializes in coaching single men who have been chronically unlucky in love and unsuccessful with women – and ready to flip the script on it!” Ms Hitch offers a “woman’s site” as well as a “man’s portal” with articles tailored to the selected audience. I’m not sure though why she uses different terminology for these- is “portal” more of a manly word than “site”? Hmmm. Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves...

Dr. Wendy Walsh

Media commentator, author and psychologist Dr. Wendy Walsh is “obsessed with the science of love” and her blog reflects this passion.She’s got some great, informative articles on issues that arise from online dating. She also has a knack for explaining concepts and tricky situations like attachment theory and when it’s time to hit the road.

Just for Guys

The Art of Charm

The Art of Charm website has a great section on the art of dating for men. Less focused on finding the next hot girl or how to date attractive women, as so many men’s dating sites promise, the Art of Charm guys focuses on men’s health and well-being as it relates to dating. We are talking articles that navigate confidence issues as well as how not to be a jerk, an art of which mastery is essential if you want to find the right partner (let alone not have everybody shun you).

Goodguyswag: dating

Goodguysswag is the website of Kris Wolfe, author of 10 Ways to Win a Girl’s Heart. His tagline says it all: “integrity, influence and confidence to be successful in all things.” Check out his blog; he dishes out great advice on how to take whatever dating foibles come up like a man.


Yue Xu calls herself a “dating sociologist” and dating advisor for men only. She gives advice mainly through her YouTube videos which she then posts on her blog. Although it seems she hasn’t posted in a while, the blog is still up and ready to help you with important questions like “Why am I still single?”.

It’s not easy finding that special someone. Hopefully these suggestions will help you navigate your raft to a calm shore and you’re ready to jump into that big sea again.

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Photo credit: Dustin Rabin

Photo credit:
Dustin Rabin

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