The Ultimate Dating Vloggers

We’re consuming so much media. Books (both paper and electronic), magazines (again both tree and e-ink based formats), movies, music and so much more. With the rise of user-generated content, we’re now not just relying on the studios and production houses to provide us with captivating and emotional materials. People like us are the very people we want to be entertained by bloggers, podcasters and vloggers. These are the new creators of entertainment today and they are continuously introducing us to some incredibly creative content that many well known producers haven’t yet dreamed of. They are breaking boundaries.

But why are they so successful, especially if they have smaller budgets?  What makes them so fascinating? Perhaps we enjoy their authenticity, the notion that real life people are out there figuring it all out and willing to share it with you. We get to live vicariously through them and feel like we’re just old friends catching up. After all, who did you go to for dating advice before vloggers?

When it comes to video, vloggers (aka video bloggers) are hitting it big time! Thousands of homespun YouTubers are tackling the conversation of what it’s like for millennials in the dating space with apps like Tinder, Grindr, and all other social media platforms connecting singles. And they’re listening. In 2014 a study by Variety Magazine showed that US teenagers are more influenced by popular vloggers than they are by A list celebrities. YouTube especially has seen their partnership program grow by 50% continuously for three straight years, half of whom are earning six figure benefits from their content.

We’ve put together the ULTIMATE dating vloggers list. These dating extraordinaires share the dos and don’ts, ups and downs and everything in between. They truly get how tough it is out there and by implementing just a few of their tips and tricks we’re certain your next date will be a hit!

#1. Mark Miller and Ethan Hethcote

Check them out: YouTube, Twitter,

Claim to fame: Guinness World Record for Most Selfies Taken In One Hour

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These two hunks sparked their flame after a Facebook stalking encounter in 2013, which they detail in their video “The Perks of Being a Facebook Stalker,” and have been going strong ever since. Whether it’s a spontaneous weekend adventure, or just lounging around their apartment in Bloomington, Indiana - their just-for-fun styled content tells the perfect online dating success story. They are a true millennial couple if we ever saw one and that’s why they’re at the top of our list!

#2. The Simple Pickup

Check them out: YouTube, Twitter, Instagram

Claim to Fame: Their social experiment “Fat Girl & Fat Guy Tinder dates” shattered their normal view count gaining over thirty nine million views.

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It really is that simple. If you’ve ever seen a single one of their YouTube videos you never would have guessed that Jesse, Jason and Kong all used to be incredibly shy and self conscious, especially when it came to girls. Hashtag cooties! Featured on ABC News Nightline, these three young men have elevated the art of seduction into a science so simple they can teach it to even the most romantically challenged. They can be found in the streets of LA walking up to unsuspecting woman and blatantly asking them for dates, and it works. Their secret? Be yourself, and just have fun.

#3. The Wing Girls

Check them out: YouTube, Twitter, Instagram

Claim to fame: Have you ever wanted dating advice from the Kardashians? These ladies definitely know how to impersonate a celebrity.

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These gals are the YouTube queens of dating advice. Their depictions of the way men and women behave in relationships is hilariously accurate and might give you some insight on how you could be perceived by a potential love interest. They wrote the book on how to get out of the friendzone. No literally, they wrote the book and you can buy it here.

#4. TrippAdvice

Check him out: YouTube, Twitter, Instagram

Claim to fame: Have you ever seen the movie Hitch? Because that’s basically Tripp, minus the drama.

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Tripp started off his dating coach career by just handing out advice to his friends who, like him, were scared and lacking self esteem. He is a true “fake it til you make it” success story as he now runs his own successful YouTube channel with 260,000 subscribers and upwards of half a million views on some of his most popular dating advice. You’ll find his free ebook “10 Simple & Unknown Dating Tips To Increase Attraction” on his website,

#5. Marni Battista

Check her out: YouTube, Twitter, Instagram

Claim to fame: Marni co-hosts “The Dating Den” with Christian Anderson.

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Marni Battista has great dating advice for women. Her talk show styled vlog, The Dating Den goes into detail about catching the attention of the cute guy across the hall, getting him interested, and developing and maintaining a successful relationship. Her website teaches women how to bring dignity back into their dating lives and have men, as Canadian popstar Jillea says “treat you like a goddess”

You can follow Jillea on  Twitter  and  Instagram  for more music updates. We think she’s pretty great!

You can follow Jillea on Twitter and Instagram for more music updates. We think she’s pretty great!

All in all, dating is hard. Finding “the one” is all any of us aspire to do and we’re just happy that these YouTubers are finding a way to have fun and entertain but also provide advice to their viewers. As long as you are putting yourself out there, not taking it too seriously, and most importantly, just being yourself - that’s all that matters. Who knows, perhaps your knight in shining armour and/ or damsel in distress is waiting for you on Zepeel.


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