Why Video’s Changing the Face of Online Dating

Dating got its start in the early 1900s when lads would “call upon” young gals they were interested in and would spend time in the living room with both her - and her parents. The young couples would sit awkwardly and try their best to get to know one another - as much as they could under the watchful gaze of the parental unit.  With some families lacking enough money to entertain, couples began to leave the house and go on ‘dates’ - soda shops, sock hops, pizza parlours and other such spaces for socializing.

Many people relied on being set up by friends and family who thought their ideal love match was that handsome Jones boy in the neighborhood with the great reputation and good family. Back then,  everyone knew every person who lived in the neighborhood - as well as everything about them! You just went along with their recommendation, got married, had kids.  Case closed.

As technology came to power and dating moved from something only men were in charge of instigating, things progressed from finding a partner to being in the hands of family recommendations or matchmakers, to singles choosing their one true love in new ways. Personal ads were circled in newspapers. People would record VHS videos of themselves and then nervous lovebirds would flip through binders of photos to find a match and watch the video clips to see if a love connection would be felt. Even back then we knew the power of a connection made by seeing a person as opposed to having an anonymous chat session with a static image of a photo of a person’s face!

But we left the video hey-day of dating and with personal computers became interested in email exchanges, chat and instant messaging applications. To find a partner now is as easy as a swipe! The question is can you really know someone based on one (or several) photographs?

We’re big believers in the power of online video to change the face of modern dating and have stepped in with a product that brings back the authenticity and personality to online dating. Here are a few reasons why video is a necessity for the best online dating experience.

Words are Open to Interpretation

Have you ever had that experience at work when you’ve asked for something in a chat and the end result isn’t what you thought you thought you had clearly requested? Or you say something and then search for the perfect emoji to help you better express the emotion you are trying to convey? It’s sometimes humorous to think of how one ill placed punctuation mark can change the entire meaning of a sentence.

Let’s eat Grandma!
Let’s eat, Grandma!

Imagine the situations that can come about from a typo or errant comma when talking to someone you’re interested in dating! We’re not even going to get into the issues that can come about from autocorrect. Duck that!

With online video, it’s easier for people to get to know you. Your mannerisms, way of speaking, emotion - it’s all on display. It’s less likely for you to be confused by someone when they’re speaking to you - voice and video than a few words on the screen.

Chatting is so Impersonal

Type type type. Type type type. OK. Maybe you have some Taylor Swift playing in the background as you send over flirty quips to that guy you’re interested in. Beyond this, there’s no sound. No video. Nothing. Just you, your keyboard and a blinking cursor you’re left with to fill space. While he waits. For you to say something witty. Or smart. Or anything at all.

Where’s the personality?

Online video apps supercharge the dating experience and bring you literally face-to-face with potential partners. It’s much easier to show your personality and in turn, see who you are connecting with when video’s involved. You’ll be able to sense the chemistry instantly and avoid any awkward first dates when you do meet up with him.

Are They Really Who They Say They Are?

Chatting online can sometimes feel  impersonal when it’s with a real, live human, but can you be so sure that you aren’t sending photos over to a bot? Sure there are many tips that can be used for spotting fakers, but seriously, do you have time to validate every chatbot may be striking up a conversation with?

Further to this is the old ‘bait and switch.’ He’s saying he looks like a cross between Pitt, Clooney and a dash of the cute Jonas Brother. You have a photo where you totally see the resemblance. Then you show up for your first date and he looks more like a mix of Danny Devito and Screech from Saved by the Bell.

Video dating apps cut through the confusion to put an authentic human face to who you’re engaging with. The likelihood of catfishing is cut drastically when you’re using video.  

It’s All About the Experience

Swiping every face you see. It just seems so far away from what we as people are all about. So removed from connection - which is the very goal of meeting someone online. While some may appreciate the usability and speed that these rapid-fire apps offer, for those looking for a more meaningful and deliberate method for meeting someone - online video is the way to go.

Think about the boom in video-based content. Vlogging. Snapchat. Periscope. Blab. Google Hangouts. It’s all popular for a reason. We like spending time with people. We like looking at people. Maybe we’re hardwired from infancy to like looking at faces? Perhaps there are other scientific rules at play. All I know is that I’ll take trusting a real live human who I can interact and share with over a photo of that person in confirming my wish to start a relationship with them!

The face of online dating is ever evolving and changing. As new technologies come to market, it’s exciting to see where it will go from here. We can say with certainty that a lot has happened to help singles discover and connect with each other. No more VHS ads!

So there you have it. The case for using videos as part of your online dating efforts. What are you waiting for? There are plenty of fish in the sea just waiting for you to send them a fun and flirty video. Who knows. Your clip might just hook a winner. Join Zepeel today and find your perfect match.


by Steve Szikszay

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